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Monday, February 11, 2013

Looking back: Feb. 11, 2013

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Looking Back

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1988 (25 years ago)

-- "Roanoke County's meals tax nearly triggered a partisan war Tuesday, but threats of retaliation from Democrats ready to battle over the issue kept Republicans from killing the measure [in the General Assembly]."

-- "Country-Western singer Johnny Cash will appear with U. S. Sen. Al Gore Jr. of Tennessee at a public rally at noon Friday at the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke."

-- "Church Avenue near Fire Station No. 1 in downtown Roanoke would be a good place to live, a number of people interviewed for a study on the feasibility of downtown housing say."

-- "With its next show, Mill Mountain Theatre will do what it has never done before. A play by William Shakespeare."

1963 (50 years ago)

-- "Sen. John Tower of Texas predicted Saturday night to a record-breaking Republican audience in Salem that the GOP in a few years will become the dominant political party in the South."

-- "A unique, new method of teaching [team teaching] originated at Northside High School has so far proved popular with everyone concerned - the school administration, the teachers, the students, and the parents."

-- "British novelist William Golding, whose 'Lord of the Flies' has swept U. S. campuses in recent years, will present a lecture Tuesday at Hollins College."

-- "Taking a cue from the White House, seven Young Democrats in Roanoke left for Lynchburg Monday where they plan an all-night hike back to Roanoke -- a distance of 52 miles."

-- "Dr. and Mrs. H. T. Penn of Roanoke will leave this morning for Washington to attend a White House reception this evening given by President and Mrs. Kennedy commemorating the centennial of the Emancipation Proclamation."

-- "Marion Ladewig, the greatest woman bowler of all time, will roll into Roanoke next Thursday at Viking Lanes."

-- "Night meetings and Roanoke citizenship for Sir Winston Churchill are on the agenda for City Council's Monday night meeting."

-- "William Fleming's basketball players proved they're good students Friday night -- they had all the answers. The Colonels, a good half of them on the school's scholastic honor roll, knocked off Andrew Lewis at Salem 66 -59. "

1938 (75 years ago)

-- "A relic of the early days of dog licensing in Roanoke came to light yesterday when C. E. Moomaw, game warden, was given a dog collar bearing a tag of the 1907 vintage."

-- "The first telephone call between Roanoke and Sydney, Australia, was made shortly before noon yesterday."

-- "The balmy weather of the past couple of days, bringing many indications of spring, proved too great a temptation to several youths late yesterday, and last night found them cavorting in the waters of Lee-Hy swimming pool."

-- "Roanoke Girl Scouts yesterday afternoon honored the city's Boy Scouts on their birthday with the presentation of three birthday cakes baked by the girls themselves as part of their work on the cooking merit badge."

-- "Roanoke college's Mangled Maroons pulled their shattered forces together in Roanoke auditorium last night with adhesive tape and unmatchable courage and while the largest crowd in the history of Virginia basket ball -- 2,500-3,000 -- watched with unbelieving eyes, five Maroons mauled Washington and Lee's defending state and Southern Conference champions 45 to 23."

-- "For the first time in the history of the municipal airport, an instrument and radio approach was made to the field yesterday afternoon when fog virtually closed the field in, leaving a ceiling of only 300 feet."

-- "Mud wrestling -- it started in California and now it has hit Roanoke, at least it will be here Tuesday night."

-- "Meeting in a lengthy session last night, the Salem town council disposed of routine matters and voted to rent a building on Water street on a monthly basis for use as a library and as a vocational and recreational hall by the colored residents of Salem."

-- "Not to be outdone by the sun which wears its corona permanently, the moon put on a show over Roanoke last night that made many eyes lift skyward to admire the variegated colorings about its full face."

1913 (100 years ago)

-- "Work was begun yesterday wrecking the interior of the building on Campbell avenue, formerly occupied by the Fredman-Kohen Company, which is to be built one story higher and completely remodeled for occupancy the by Kress Five and Ten Cent store."

-- "The Hill Directory Company has purchased the Roanoke city directory business from the Walsh Directory Company."

-- "Commencing yesterday the delivery of ice to the consumers of the city of Roanoke will be made by the Roanoke Ice Corporation, recently organized to take over the output of the plants of the Consumers Ice Company and the Griggs Packing Company."

-- "It is learned upon excellent authority today that Congressman Carter Glass has been successful in securing an appropriation of $50,000 for the erection of a public building at Salem."

-- "The National Exchange bank will, on opening their new building, install dining rooms for the entire force in the bank, in which lunch will be served free from 12 to 2 o'clock each day to all of the employees of the bank."

-- "The first solid car of Florida grape fruit arrived in Roanoke Thursday, consigned to the Chewning-Upton Co., Inc."

-- "The gods who juggle the dice and assign the fates of those who fail to keep well within the law must have girded up their loins, poured out several extra libations and worked a few hours overtime last night. Between 6 o'clock and 12 last night the police department made twenty-seven arrests."

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