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Monday, February 18, 2013

Looking back: Feb. 18, 2013

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Looking Back

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1988 (25 years ago)

-- "A schedule that included rock concerts, basketball games and a Broadway show helped the Roanoke Civic Center set records in ticket sales and spectators in January."

-- "Shortly after 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Daryl Akers put on his pile jacket, picked up a scrapper and prepared to destroy the 'Men Only' sign on the window of the Boiler Room."

-- "Between 500 and 600 people will take telephone orders for Sears catalog merchandise in a new center opening June 13 in Celebration Station Mall of Hershberger Road in Roanoke."

-- "A self-described 'millionaire philanthropist' has surprised Roanoke's school administration with an offer of $6,000 in scholarships for the city's top junior high school students."

-- "Monday night's performance of Quincy Jones' 'The Black Requiem' was an event of power and pride, made up of many elements."

1963 (50 years ago)

-- "With Morris Cregger at the throttle, Roanoke College's 'revenge express' rolled to a 98-84 win over Hampden-Sydney at Salem Saturday night."

-- "The Times-World quintet moved into the lead in the team event of the women's City-County Tournament at Viking Lanes last Saturday."

-- "Nine school children Monday found approximately $800 in money and checks scattered in the street at 31st Street and Melrose Avenue, NW. The pupils ... turned the money over to officials at their schools who in turn gave it to police."

-- "'The General,' famed Civil War locomotive, will travel on its own power over the Norfolk and Western Railway in Virginia on tours in May and June. It will be in Roanoke May 30."

-- "Lowly Jefferson stunned William Fleming, 67-65, Wednesday night at Jackson Junior on a fourth quarter comeback headed by Robbie Baldwin."

-- "Eggs from Bent Mountain will now be available in five Virginia communities under an agreement signed by Coles Egg Farm and Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc."

-- "A transistor radio for 22 cents and a Polaroid camera for $8.22 were the kind of bargains that brought the customers to Towers Shopping Center Friday morning despite the frigid weather. The official temperature was two above."

-- "First it was the 50-mile hike. Now the cold weather sleep-out is replacing the hike as the physical fitness craze."

1938 (75 years ago)

-- "Adolph Hitler's recent coup in Austria will mean that, 'from this day on, Austria and Germany are one country, not formally but in fact,' Dr. Joachim Prinz, exiled former Berlin rabbi and spokesman for the Jewish community in Berlin, declared here last night."

-- "Thirty miniature style manikins, each twenty inches high and chic in makeup, are being displayed throughout this week at the S.H. Heironimus company."

-- "Roanoke college's 'Five Smart Boys' were in an educating humor last night in Salem, demonstrating without benefit of a blackboard just how a tight defense should be thrown up and the vital points of a lightning passing attack to the constant amazement of the spectators ... and King college's Tornado, the latter being the victims, 31 to 11."

-- "While professional circus entertainers are wintering under a warm Florida sum, the Roanoke Y.W.C.A. took from its membership enough clowns, acrobats and other entertainers of the 'big top' to put on a circus of its own last night and draw a crowd rivaled only by the great Barnum and Bailey."

-- "One of the oldest veterans of the War Between the States is J.J. Covington, a grand old man who lives with his son in Vinton. He will celebrate his ninety-fourth birthday Thursday."

-- "Yesterday the Roanoke Maroons, impending champions of Virginia ... were given final permission to attend the first National Intercollegiate basket ball tournament in Kansas City, March 7 -- 12."

-- "The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo thrilled its fourth Roanoke audience in four years with a superb presentation of three of the most dramatic and impressive ballets ever seen here."

1913 (100 years ago)

-- "The new National Exchange Bank building, with its white marble exterior, is suffering the assaults of vandals."

-- "The Elks are about ready for the curtain to go up on their minstrel tonight, when, according to inside information, there will be something stirring around."

-- "Roanoke's newest musical organization is the Roanoke Orchestral Society, which was organized three weeks ago."

-- "The Oak Hall Clothing Company is minus a perfectly good bicycle which was lost, strayed or was stolen from in front of the store on Campbell avenue Saturday night."

-- "The health department is busy today setting every branch of its machinery in motion to prevent a spread of smallpox, through possible exposures to the six cases unearthed yesterday."

-- "There was nothing of interest in the police justice's court this morning, the few cases docketed being for minor offenses. Two drunks donated the usual fine of $2.50."

-- "Raymond King, who played third base in the local [Washington, D.C.] Independence league last year, has mailed his signed contract to the manager of the Roanoke team to play there this season."

-- "Representing the Educational Motion Picture Exchange, of New York, Mr. G.R. Gullette was in the city yesterday completing arrangements for a camera campaign which will result in familiar scenes of animate life in Roanoke being shown on moving picture screens here and throughout the country."

-- "In a quiet way, the alumni of Roanoke College have begun a movement for the erection of an alumni memorial hall."

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