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Monday, February 25, 2013

Looking back: Feb. 25, 2013

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“City Council, faced with the possibility of Carvins Cove being closed for recreational use because of unsanitary conditions, agreed Monday night [Feb. 25, 1963] to have a study made aimed at upgrading the whole area.”

The Roanoke Times | File 1963

“City Council, faced with the possibility of Carvins Cove being closed for recreational use because of unsanitary conditions, agreed Monday night [Feb. 25, 1963] to have a study made aimed at upgrading the whole area.”

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1988 (25 years ago)

n "Rep. Jim Olin, D-Roanoke, with the backing of 67 other representatives, has asked President Reagan to start negotiation with the Soviet Union for both countries to withdraw support for Nicaragua's opposing forces."

n "After three years at the Patrick Henry Hotel, the Comedy Club is moving to Hotel Roanoke."

n "For the first time since they joined the league in the 1980-81 school year, coach Ed Green's Maroons (16-10) will not be the tournament champions, and they will not attend the NCAA Division III tournament. But the seven-year, 22-game tournament winning streak was not severed without a struggle."

n "The Virginia Lancers' dreams of an unbeaten home season were left out on the blood-stained ice of the LancerLot on Saturday night. The Carolina Thunderbirds ended the Lancers' home win streak at 23, pulling off a 3-2 victory in front of 1,601 disbelieving fans."

n "Al Gore, Sr. campaigned for his son at Virginia Western Community College. Gore, Jr. was running for the Democratic presidential nomination."

n "For 31 years, crossbows, a suit of armor, continental money, and other items - interesting, but unrelated to Roanoke - have cluttered the Roanoke Valley Historical Society's storage spaces. So the society is planning to do some spring cleaning - and raise some money at the same time."

1963 (50 years ago)

n "Lucy Addison High School Choir and a composite elementary school choir from Roanoke won superior ratings in the Choral Festival of the Western Region Music Conference Saturday."

n "March 10 is 'D' Day at Hotel Roanoke. 'D' Day is Dialing Day. Beginning then guests will be able to dial all local calls right from their rooms without assistance of the hotel's operators."

n "A Roanoke man says he plans to hike across the United States to test a homemade survival pack and prove that Americans are physically fit."

n "A five-year desegregation plan coupled with an urgent appeal for a $1 million junior high school in northwest Roanoke was accepted for study by the city school board Monday night."

n "A snowstorm which wasn't too much trouble until nightfall blew into Roanoke and Western Virginia Tuesday."

n "Will you be one of 575 people opening a new charge account in Roanoke today? Or are you one of the 375,000 shoppers already listed in files of the Roanoke Merchants Association?"

1938 (75 years ago)

n "Lynn Bari, the lovely Hollywood actress playing in 'The Baroness and the Butler' which is currently running in Roanoke, and about whose birthplace there has been some local controversy, was born Marjorie (Peggy) Fisher in Roanoke about 19 years ago, it was learned yesterday."

n "An order for 425 tons of structural steel for a gold recovery plant in Arabia has been placed with the Virginia Bridge company."

n "Miss Gretta Griffis, a blind cooking expert recently featured in Ripley's 'Believe It or Not,' will be one of the feature attractions at the Roanoke auditorium Wednesday as part of the food planning festival and 1938 electric show being held there all the week."

n "Roanoke college's great basketball team won the state championship of Virginia last night in Salem for the first time since 1919, speeding to a 45 to 29 victory in the second half over an aroused bunch of Emory and Henry Wasps."

n "Members of the Forty and Over club in Salem will go back to banquets as they were given 40 years ago in holding their first banquet on March 25."

n "Snow fell intermittently here yesterday, bringing some relief to peach orchardists, but little trace of the white coating was left last night."

n "Concerted opposition to the proposed soft drink tax, on which a hearing is scheduled for Wednesday [in Richmond], developed here yesterday and druggists' bottlers, restaurateurs and other operators of soft drink fountains prepared to converge on the legislators today and tomorrow."

n "A crowd of 1,600 persons yesterday inspected the new mortuary of John M. Oakey Inc. 318-24 Church avenue S. w., on the first of eight days set aside for the formal opening of the $150,000 structure."

1913 (100 years ago)

n "Under a mantle of snow, a porter and bell-boy at the Hotel Roanoke this morning discovered a basket containing a two-months-old white baby boy. The child is now at the Ebenezer Orphanage."

n "Speaking of young material and new faces, the Tigers will have them galore this spring."

n "As if in keeping with the weather, things were dull around police court this morning."

n "Mrs. C. W. Krantz â? the wife of a well-known passenger conductor on the Norfolk and Western, was operated on at the new Shenandoah hospital Tuesday night. â? Mrs. Krantz was the first patient to undergo a surgical operation in the new institution."

n "All day yesterday the Grand Theatre was filled to its seating capacity to witness the production of Bunyan's great masterpiece, 'Pilgrims Progress.' This costly production requires four reels."

n "It is an old saying among rail road men that train wrecks run in threes. Recent developments in Roanoke go to show that this rule not only applies to rail road wrecks. Roanoke's record in the past week for suicides was three and in the past twenty-four hours for fires, three."

n "It was announced at the health department offices this morning that a campaign against impure dairy products is being instituted."

n "The Norfolk and Western is prepared to handle the heaviest passenger traffic for the inauguration of Mr. Wilson, in the history of the road and arrangements have been made for many extra trains."

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