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Monday, March 25, 2013

Looking back: March 25, 2013

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Looking Back

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1988 (25 years ago)

n "Several Roanoke City Council members said Wednesday they will support a recommended $351,000 extra for schools next year as long as they don't have to raise taxes to do so."

n "Retired Roanoke lawyer Tom Mason is establishing something of a screen career."

n "Canticum Novum, western Virginia's only ensemble specializing in vocal chamber music, appeared Saturday night in Roanoke College's Olin Hall."

n "Bunnies in Roanoke can breathe easier this Easter. The Mill Mountain Zoo's main squeeze died Friday morning. Esther the python was an only snake as far as everyone knew. So there was no way to notify the next of skin."

n "City Council rejected a church's request Monday night to buy Huntingdon, one of Roanoke's oldest houses, and put a new church on the site."

n "The strips and rolls of tickets scattered on the floor of the old pavilion with its ruined concrete steps are for rides not taken, and it is too late now because the rides are gone. รข? The pavilion is all that is recognizable of Lakeside Amusement Park, which would have been 68 this year."

1963 (50 years ago)

n "Results of a preliminary study on Roanoke's City market indicate that the facilities should not be abandoned, but upgraded and made an integral party of the downtown area."

n "Beginning April 1, The Roanoke Times will bring you, three times weekly, TIP-A-DAY, a two-column graphically illustrated tip by [Jack] Nicklaus on how to improve your golf game."

n "It took construction workers just four hours to erect the newest eating establishment on Lee Highway - the Pan Cake House. The building was shipped to Roanoke in two sections, on two flat bed trucks."

n "Roanoke's first professional ice show in over seven years, Ice-Arama of '63, opened Tuesday night to an audience of around 150 people at Traveltown Ice Arena."

n "Hollins College is about to embark on a 10-year, $71/2 million building program, the president of the school announced Wednesday."

n "The new measles vaccine recently approved by the government may be a shot-in-the-arm reality for some Roanoke babies in about two weeks."

1938 (75 years ago)

n "Spring-like weather continued here yesterday although the mercury reached only 78, and rain appeared in store last night."

n "'Virginia Frontier' - a factual epic of Southwest Virginia by F. B. Kegley, a former professor at Roanoke college, has recently come off the press."

n "The movies gave Roanoke College girls a break yesterday as M. D. Cook, Fox Movietone camera man, cranked away and filmed an outdoor gymnasium class held by the co-eds."

n "Salem police this summer will wear new uniforms of forestry gray instead of the blue uniforms which they wear all winter."

n "The removal of the last of the abandoned street car tracks in Salem was completed yesterday afternoon."

n "A machine - the second of its kind in Virginia - which automatically puts a sterile cellophane hood over regular milk bottle caps is being installed at Cold Spring Creamery here."

n "While the city recreation department is sitting tight hoping for a lighted softball diamond, there is an undercurrent of rumors about town that National Business college may have a softball team this year, the first in the history of the school."

n "At the age of 18, William Perry, from 1932-34 professor of English at Roanoke college, ran away from his home to join a carnival. Today, his play 'Carnival' is being produced at the Pasadena Playhouse at Chapel Hill, N. C."

n "Facilities for night softball playing here became a practical certainty yesterday when Mayor Sydney F. Small said he was authorized to offer to the Roanoke Softball Association, Maher field and the bleacher seats owned by the Norfolk and Western Railway company if an arrangement could be made to finance the installation of floodlights."

1913 (100 years ago)

n "A letter telling of the rescue of C. Hunter Carpenter, one time Virginia Polytechnic Institute football star and a companion from an excavation for the Brooklyn sub-way will be of interest to Roanokers." He was working for Boxley & Company of Roanoke.

n "Citizens of Salem are somewhat wrought up over what may develop into a real mad dog scare."

n "Roanoke College started the base ball season of 1913 yesterday afternoon on the home grounds in Salem, being overwhelmingly defeated by Randolph-Macon College, 15 to 0."

n "Many Roanokers are vitally interested in the news of the Ohio floods, by reason of having friends and relatives who live in the storm swept territory and concerning whose safety they are anxious."

n "Compared to the busy session of Tuesday morning, when many North Carolina excursionists suffered imprisonment as a result of an excess of exuberance on the occasion of their annual visit to the Magic City, little occurred in police court yesterday."

n "Too much dampness put the dampers on the Tigers daily exercises yesterday and from the appearance of the heavens last night it looks like they will have to get wet feet and a few canoes in order to shift around on the grass diamond."

n " 'The Hillsville Tragedy' is the title of a book recently published and now on sale at Heins' corner, at the store of the Caldwell-Sites Company, and elsewhere in this city at twenty-five cents per volume."

n "The fans were looking for base ball today but on account of wash-outs on the Norfolk and Western and the C. & O. rail roads the V. M. I. team cannot get here to play their annual game with V. P. I."

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