Monday, February 25, 2013

Pick of the day: Love dogs as they love us

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I am writing concerning dogs that are left outside in all weather conditions with no human or canine contact.

A dog owner recently declared to me that "dogs are dogs and humans are humans." I have pondered her statement with the following considerations.

Dogs are domesticated creatures; we have tamed them, and therefore we are responsible for them. We need to feed them, shelter them and, above all, love them -- the way that we would want to be treated. I don't believe that we would want to sit outside in the dirt, alone, afraid, in the dark, in the rain and in the cold; neither do they.

They are pack animals like we are, and as such, are not meant to live alone; further, they do not choose to live with us -- we choose them. And yet dogs so freely give us their unconditional love. They know no other way.

Dogs only desire to serve us, love us, play with us. Why do we think ourselves so different from them as to deny their faithful companionship and not return their love and devotion?


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