Monday, February 25, 2013

Letters: Use armed veterans to secure schools

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I have read with interest the debate over school security and have noticed the absence of an idea that will not cost taxpayers any more taxes than what they pay now. Particularly Malcolm Brownlee's letter ("The new arms race," Jan. 25 Pick of the day). The writers dismiss any ideas concerning school security, but offer no alternate practical solution to a serious question.

It is advertised on TV that veterans returning to the States are having a hard time finding jobs. I say recruit these vets, on a voluntary basis, for school security. Yes, including carrying a weapon. Veterans are already highly trained (more so than police) to recognize potential problems, and are very skilled in the use of firearms.

We, as civilians, must understand we have the best-trained, equipped (with both technology and weaponry) military personnel in the world, and they cannot stop a terrorist from completing his mission. So why do we think these acts of terrorism can be totally stopped? The best-case scenario we can hope for is to slow them down.


Why listen? Obama's spiel is same old thing

I am mad about Robert E. Button's letter, "Rubio should have listened to the speech," Feb. 19.

The problem is that not many people take the time to listen to President Obama anymore, as many feel he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

He never answers a direct question, but skirts around it by saying we will take care of the matter, or we will find the guilty parties, and blah-blah-blah.

Button states that Obama said he wanted to share in the dream of bringing the budget under control. We heard that spiel four years ago.

We true Americans cannot afford to dream. We need a person in the White House who has a backbone to help us pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and forge forward.

We do not need a Nero who fiddles while our country crumbles.


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