Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pick of the day: Gun control by gun owners

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After reading your editorial "Don't let your gun turn up in a crime" (Feb. 10) in The Roanoke Times, I have thought a lot about the subject of gun control.

After the shooting in Newtown, Conn., I do believe that people need to make a few changes in how they should control their guns.

First off, anybody who owns a gun should lock it up or keep the firearm on him at all times in order to prevent the wrong people from obtaining these guns.

Also, I believe the government should not mess with our Second Amendment rights, but instead make stronger background checks on who has the ability to purchase them.

Also, I am not against the magazine limit that President Obama is trying to pass.

But if the government starts with taking away our magazines, then it is hard to tell what else it will try to take away regarding our Second Amendment.


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