Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pick of the day: No due process for collaborators

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Re: the recent editorial in The Roanoke Times entitled "Come clean about drone attacks" (Feb. 13):

First, I suggest that the individual who wrote this editorial interview a few dozen family members of the thousands who were killed in the 9/11 attacks and ask them if they feel that American citizens, or otherwise, in foreign countries caught collaborating with terrorists should somehow be granted due process.

Then the writer should visit a Veterans Administration center and talk with some of the vets who have lost legs, arms or both in IED attacks and ask them the same question. For some reason, the words "providing aid and comfort to the enemy" keep coming to mind.

We are at war here. Al-Qaida and the Taliban would like nothing better than to use our criminal justice system against us and to know how we pick and choose targets.

While I agree with many of the editorials in The Times, as a Vietnam vet, this one left me angry and cold.


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