Friday, June 16, 2006

Podcast: Southern Culture on the Skids

On music, babies and road-trip scuffles



Southern Culture on the Skids has seen the music business from every angle. The chitlin' circuit. Large halls. Major label deal. Independent releases. Through it all, Rick Miller and Roanoke natives Mary Huff and Dave Hartman have kept things the way they wanted them — musically excellent and lyrically kind of goofy, with a side of trailer park kitsch.

It's helped them draw a solid cult following that includes frat kids and scene kids, 50-somethings and teens.

We talked to them for a while before their show at Awful Arthur's, Towers, in Roanoke — a homecoming that brings SCOTS friends and family out of the woodwork.

Host: Tad Dickens

Producer: Daine Vineyard