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Contributions behind last year's

The fund is about $26,700 behind its goal of $175,000.

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Good Neighbors Fund

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As of Jan. 10, the amount of money raised for the 2012 Good Neighbors Fund drive stood at $148,310. Last year at this time, the total stood at $171,296, adding up to a difference of nearly $23,000. So far, the fund is about $26,700 behind its $175,000 goal.

Debbie Denison, executive director of RAM, was philosophical about this year’s shortfall.

“Whatever we get, it was more than we had, and we are glad to have it,” she said.

The official end of the drive is March?31, Denison said, but donations are accepted until June 30, the end of the fiscal year.

The fund, which is sponsored by The Roanoke Times, collects donations from the newspaper’s readers for the benefit of Roanoke Area Ministries’ Emergency Financial Assistance program, which provides help with utilities, rent and prescriptions to people who have fallen on hard times. None of the money donated goes toward administrative costs. Every penny goes toward helping the poor.

Denison said RAM usually is able to find a few grants each year to supplement funding for the Emergency Financial Assistance program.

“We’re always looking for new sources of income,” she said, “but none of that money is guaranteed.” With the bulk of the support coming from the Good Neighbors Fund, “we continue to be grateful to the readers of The Roanoke Times for doing this for us,” she said.

This year, RAM issued a 25th anniversary cookbook as a fundraiser to keep the charity’s day shelter and free lunch program running.

“We’re trying to keep our heads above water,” she said, and “It’s getting more and more difficult.”

Of the 1,000 copies ordered, there are only “a few left,” Denison said. The books include 300 recipes and are on sale at RAM for $20.

“In the best tradition of neighbors helping neighbors, the good people of our community once again have come together to support others who have fallen on hard times,” said Debbie Meade, the newspaper’s president and publisher. “On behalf of all of us at The Roanoke Times and, I would like to thank everyone who gave so generously this year.”

Donors through Jan. 10 include:

Carlene Crotts Irving in honor of her neighbor Rosie Layman and in memory of her loving husband Edward W. Irving Jr.

The Britts in honor of Great neighbors the Dalys; the Harmans; Eugene and Rochelle and family; Pat, David, and Mary Lou; and great friends, the Urquharts and the Eberts

Creditors Collections Service in memory of former co-worker Julia Millehan and former co-worker Vikki Hylton

An anonymous donor in honor of Bill Gore/Lakeside Workers

An anonymous donor in memory of Sam and Teenie Morris

David and Sue Edwards

Gail H. Quinn

Terry and Martha Apple in memory of Bruce Brenner

John and Audrey Thrasher in honor of Max Thrasher

Marie Hall in memory of Robert F. Hall

Don and Lane Kyle in memory of their deceased parents

Thelma Long in memory of her husband, Rodney and son, Steve

Mary L.M. Crewey in memory of Thomas E. Crewey

Nicholas, Kelly, Katie, and Alexis Varelos in memory of Michael Varelos

Joe and Bernice Gray in memory of their son

LaVerne C. Fuller-Prunty in memory of her sister, John Eva Tate

David Bernitt

Barry C. Compton, Inc in honor of all of clients, friends, and homeowners

Garry and Jo Ann Saunders in honor of their grandchildren, Kaitlin, Ashlyn, Ryan, Emily, and Sarah

Shelly and Linda Rosenbloom

David and Stephanie Danco in memory of Dr. George Vaughan and Mr. William Danco

Jean Dixon, Len James, Barbara Lynch, Pam Edwards in honor of friendship

Cindy McManaway in honor of Charlie and Martha Legg

Dennis and Carol Hendrix

V. Anne Edenfield in honor of family, friends, clients and neighbors and in memory of loved ones

An anonymous donor in memory of innocent victims of violence, especially Newtown, Conn.

An anonymous donor in honor of Elinor Holland Hall

Marjorie Claytor in memory of dear friends: Dot Keehne, Glen Fleenor, Joe Raphel

Kurt and Maureen Guelzow

Deborah and Barry Young

Lori and Jeffrey Emry

Cecil Baecher in honor of St. Marks Lutheran Mens Brotherhood Class

Charles and Delores Hite

Bill, Teresa, Amber, Alex and Andy in honor of James and Mary Guilliams

Dot Richardson in honor of Mike, Vic, Glen, Kathy and Tracy

Bill and Bernelle Rich in honor of their daughter, Regina Rich Vance

An anonymous donor in memory of deceased 1954 classmates of W.B.H.S.

Doris Crane in memory of T.J. Conrad

Lewis and Terry Smith

Green Valley Dinner Bunch

Bill and Jennie Sue Murdock in honor of RAM House volunteers from Fort Lewis Christian Church

Ed and Joy Kilbane in memory of their parents, Lee and Helen Kilbane and Bob and Marge Linden

Faye D. Gravett in memory of Martha M. Hollowell

Rachel Wright in memory of Kent Wright

Joe and Judy Sailor in memory of their parents

Wendy and Bill Moore in memory of their parents

Laura Skeen in honor of friends and co-workers

Bill and Lynn Meador in honor of their grandchildren: Harrison, Peyton, MacKenzie and Emerson

Cheryl Snead in memory of Ellen Dyer

Dan and Linda Naff

Jean and Jack Lawhorn in memory of Lucille McCoy

Gail and David Price in memory of Mr. J.W. and Margaret R. Baker and J.W. Baker Jr.

Kate Francisco

David and Carroll Lipps in memory of Antoinette Watson

Buck and LeCompte Deyerle in honor of Whitney Deyerle and in memory of T.S (Chip) Deyerle III, parents and siblings and Phyllis Hoefer, a good friend

Paul Garst in memory of Herman Lewis, a good neighbor

Louise Myers in memory of Martha Mae Shumate Hollowell

Judy Denton in memory of her parents Paul and Blanche Holley

Betty Jean Harris in memory of Gilda Funderburke

Betty and Frank

Mike Jones in honor of Robert W. Barbour Sr.

Vanetta Stockton in memory of Ann Scott Douthat, Jean Helms and Jack Underwood

Vanetta Stockton in memory of Nancy Watts, Peggy Daniel and Nancy Tune

Ann Thorne

Nancy Payne in memory of her husband Sherman Payne

Van Hoback in memory of Judge F.L. Hoback and Louise V. Hoback

Susan and Judith Newton-Nelson in memory of David Nooney

Marilyn Sink of Vogue Dry Cleaners Townside in honor of the most wonderful customers any one could dream of

Teresa Sanchez

Walter and Pat Menefee in honor of their family

Linda Goodrich

Sherry H. Thurman in memory of James R. (Reggie) Bowles

Peggy Davis in honor of her wonderful family, our decreasing newspaper gang, her bridge buddies, Fincastle artists, and the Wednesday Sassys

Peggy Davis in memory of Paxton Davis, Harold Little, Bob Fishburn and Geoff Seamans

Dick and Marge Moberg in honor of Michael,Eric, Kim, Lynn and Linda at Lynn Haven Baptist Church, Vinton

Kevin Kochersberger

Sally Gravely in memory of Mary Meadows

Marshall and Monika Mundy in memory of the Newton, Conn., victims of school shootings

Jim and Parke in honor of granddaughter Ellie Loesel

Larry and Janice Davidson

Janice S. Conley in memory of her husband John C. Conley

The Clifton Family Fund of Foundation Roanoke Valley in memory of Orrin W. Clifton

Sheridan Conklin

Hurt Park Elementary Staff

Tara R. Woods and Myra D. Cotton in memory of their mother Mary E. Woods and their brother Rodney (Popcorn) Woods

Bill and Sarah Ferguson in honor of family and friends and in memory of deceased loved ones

Agnes Downie in honor of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and in memory of husband, John and daughter Patricia

Virginia N. Overstreet in honor of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Noell

Patti Tribley

Wesley and Phyllis Lynch in honor of Jack and Jean Wright

Charles and Joyce VanDellen

Loretta N. Hodges in honor of Mark Hodges and Carol Wilson and in memory of John W. Hodges and Barry A. Hodges

Vin and Bonnie Edwards in memory of their parents

Bouldin and Flo Frantz in memory of Carolyn Frantz Gephart

Bill and Diane Elliot in memory of William B. Hopkins, Bruce Brenner, William Douglas Goldsmith and Ann Scott Douthat

Gloria Tayloe in honor of Board and Barber families

Roanoke Area Rehab Networking Breakfast in honor of the rehab community

John Wynn Meyers Sunday School Class in honor of Sunday School Teachers

Carilion Family Medicine-Vinton in honor of Randell Rhea MD, Mark Watts MD, Timothy Beirne MD, Henry Ivey MD, Colleen James DO, Robbin Oliver NP and Elizabeth Gillmore Phd

Psychlogical Health Roanoke-Advantage EAP

John and Pat Eby

Steve Hobbs

Barbara Bricks

Mrs. Velma U R Davis in honor of family and friends

Pat Davidson

An anonymous donor in honor of Doug, Linda, Jennie and DJ

GFWC Woman's Club of Roanoke in memory of Ms. Kitty W. McCoy

Wallace and Carolyn Jamison in memory of Lori Gail Jamison

Madeline Richardson in memory of her husband Price Richardson

Madeline Richardson in honor of her son Price, his wife Diane, three grandchildren and spouses and great-grandchildren Samantha, Cody, Nathan, Kathlyn, Maddie, Kinsey and Alessya

Reggie and Joyce Wallace in memory of their parents

Earlean Underwood in memory of Jack and Charles Underwood

Cave Spring United Methodist Friendship Class in memory of Dawson Crews and other class members that have gone on before us

Betty Cody Pence in honor of Gen. Lloyd B. Ramsey

Dan and Kris Lubbs in honor of Bryant and Fran Lubbs

Kris and Dan Lubbs in honor of Chuck and Rayna Schneider

Rebecca Stinnett in memory of Beverly Harper

Rebecca Stinnett in memory of Bill Rhea

Becky Allen in memory of Davis-Wimer families

Friendship Class First Church of the Brethren in honor of teacher Sue Ranson and in memory of deceased members

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