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Recording memories of the flood: The waters recede, but the stories remain

Dave and Trish Bradford of Salem lost everything they had in the flood. But the strength they gained from rebuilding later helped them through what would become the most difficult test of their lives. Explore more memories from people across Southwest Virginia -- and share your own.

Nov. 4 & 5, 1985: Twenty-five years ago this week the Roanoke Valley experienced the worst flooding it had ever known. It took the lives of ten people across the Roanoke Valley. For the survivors of those whose lives were lost in the Flood of 1985, the grief never recedes. And for all those who experienced it, the memories live on. Now, many are sharing their stories.

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Remembering the flood: We're creating a place where our neighbors from across Southwest Virginia can share our collective memory of those dramatic moments in November, and the days after, that changed our region forever. [Read more about the project here]

Updated: Friday, November 5, 2010