Friday, September 23, 2011

$1.4 million available to help owners fix homes damaged by tornado, gov. says

Grants worth $1.4 million in state urgent need funding are now available for renovation of homes damaged during the April 8 tornado in Pulaski County, Gov. Bob McDonnell's office announced Thursday.

"Residents of Pulaski were struck by a destructive tornado that has posed many challenges to the community as they try to recover from the storm," McDonnell said in a news release.

"This grant will help provide much needed assistance to the uninsured and under-insured homeowners who have been struggling to rebuild over the past months. When disaster strikes, as it did in April, we have to be ready to help."

Eligible projects under this program alleviate existing conditions which pose a serious and immediate threat to the health and welfare of the community.

Proposals are being received on a rolling basis until Oct. 31, 2011.

The funding- split evenly between the town of Pulaski and the county is expected to help 60 people now struggling to rebuild, according to state officials.

The April 8 tornadoes that hit the town and nearby Draper damaged about 270 buildings and caused more than $5 million in damage. Within three weeks of the storm, McDonnell approved up to $679,050 in assistance from the Commonwealth Emergency Relief for Localities Program, including about $468,000 to cover local government expenses.

McDonnell is also still encouraging private citizens and corporations to donate to assist those Virginians impacted by natural disasters in the Commonwealth this year.

Citizens and businesses are encouraged to donate to the Virginia Disaster Relief Fund, which will be used as a fund of last resort to assist homeowners and businesses to rebuild when other funding sources do not meet their needs. To donate, visit

-- The Roanoke Times

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