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Trout stocking

Alleghany County

Clifton Forge Reservoir A

Jerrys Run C

Pounding Mill Creek B

Smith Creek C (NSF)

Amherst County

Davis Mill Creek C

Little Irish Creek C (NSF)

Pedlar River (below dam) DH

Pedlar River (upper) B, H

Pedlar River (lower) A

Piney River (south fork and proper) B (NSF)

Rocky Row Run C

Appomattox County

Holliday Creek DH

Augusta County

Back Creek B

Braley Pond A

Elkhorn Lake A

Falls Hollow C (NSF)

Hearthstone Lake A

Mills Creek C

North River (Gorge) B

North River (Natural Chimneys) B

North River (Tailwater) DH

North River (Upper) B (NSF)

South River (Ridgeview Park) A

South River DH

Upper Sherando Lake A

Lower Sherando Lake A

Bath County

Back Creek DH

Back Creek B

Bullpasture River A

Douthat Lake A (after fee fishing season)

Jackson River (Hidden Valley) A

Jackson River (Route 623) A

Pads Creek C

Spring Run A

Wilson Creek B (after fee fishing season)

Bedford County

Liberty Lake A,H

Bland County

Laurel Fork Creek C

Lick Creek B

Wolf Creek A

Botetourt County

Jennings Creek A, H

McFalls Creek C

Middle Creek B

North Creek B

Roaring Run B

Carroll County

Chestnut Creek DH

Crooked Creek A*

Little Reed Island Creek A

Lovills Creek C

Stewarts Creek B (NSF)

Craig County

Barbours Creek B (NSF)

Potts Creek A

Floyd County

Burkes Fork A

Goose Creek C

Howells Creek B (NSF)

Laurel Fork B

Little Indian Creek B (NSF)

Little River A

Mira Fork C (NSF)

Rush Fork C (NSF)

West Fork Little River B (NSF)

Franklin County

Pigg River A

Runnett Bag Creek B

Giles County

Big Stoney Creek A

Dismal Creek B (NSF)

Grayson County

Big Wilson Creek A

Elk Creek A

Fox Creek B

Middle Fox Creek B

Hales Lake A

Helton Creek B

Henry County

Smith River (dam) B

Smith River (lower) A

Highland County

Bullpasture River A

South Branch Potomac River B

Montgomery County

Craig Creek B

Pandapas Pond A

Poverty Creek C

Toms Creek B

Nelson County

South Rockfish River C (NSF)

Tye River A

Patrick County

Ararat River B

Clarks Creek B

Dan River (above Talbott) B

Dan River (below powerhouse) A

Poorhouse Creek C (NSF)

Rockcastle Creek B

Round Meadow Creek C (NSF)

North Fork of the South Mayo River C

South Fork of the South Mayo River C

Pulaski County

Peak Creek B

Roanoke County

Glade Creek A

Tinker Creek A, H

Roanoke River (City) A

Roanoke River

(Green Hill Park) DH

Roanoke River (Salem) A, DH

Rockbridge County

Irish Creek B

Maury River A

Mill Creek A

South River B

Smyth County

Comers Creek C

Cressy Creek C

Dickey Creek C

Hurricane Creek C

Middle Fork Holston River (Marion) A, H

Middle Fork Holston River (Upper) B

South Fork Holston River (Buller Dam) A

South Fork Holston River (lower) A

Staley Creek A

Washington County

Beartree Lake A, H

Big Brumley Creek C

Big Tumbling Creek A*

Straight Branch C

Tennessee Laurel A

Valley Creek C

Whitetop Laurel (lower) A

Whitetop Laurel (upper) A

Wythe County

Cripple Creek (Ravens) A, H

Gullion Fork Ponds B

Stoney Creek C

Rural Retreat Lake Pond A

West Fork Reed Creek C

Category A waters are stocked once in each of the following periods: October; November / December; January / February; May; and twice in March and April.

Category B waters are stocked once in the following periods: November / December; January / February; March; and twice between April 1 and May 15.

Category C waters are stocked three times between October and April.

Category H waters will be stocked for Trout Heritage Day, April 2.

Delayed Harvest (DH) waters are stocked with catchable-sized trout in the fall, winter and spring. The waters are open only for catch-and-release fishing from Oct. 1 through May 31. Regular trout regulations apply starting June. 1.

NSF waters do not receive fall and early winter stockings.

* A portion of these waters are reserved for state-run fee fishing areas.

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