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What is RSS?

"Really Simple Syndication," or RSS, is an eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based format for content distribution. This free service is offered by The Roanoke Times for users to view headlines, stories, blog content and more using a news aggregator or browser.

You may access the RSS feed for any of our sections by downloading the aggregator software, or by using a Web-based service such as Google, Yahoo! or MSN. Most browers -- Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera and Safari (Apple only) -- have integrated RSS capabilities. Most of these browsers allow the user to scan many of headlines at once, and automatically refresh as new content is posted.

After setting up your aggregator, simply click the name of the section you wish to view and copy that page's URI into the specified field. This process works for most readers, but may vary depending on the program used. In most browsers, simply click on the "Subscribe to this feed" link.

RSS feeds from The Roanoke Times divided into sections such as "news," sports" and "entertainment." There are also subsections of each section that allow you to narrow your subscription.

About the icon
RSS icon

This icon, present on the home page and on each section page, represents an RSS feed. This icon is also used in many modern Web browers, and on most Web sites that publish a feed.

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