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I'm looking for an article about...

You can find just about anything published to the Web site by using our search engine. Enter relevant keywords to find articles dating as far back as 1997. Most local news stories stay on the site for one week. In the event you've tried this without success, give our paid newspaper archive a try. It is the official archive of what's been published in the newspaper since 1990. Searching is free but a small fee is charged for full article retrieval.

I found a problem on roanoke.com...

We're not perfect, and we can prove it. If you have found a bad link or missing story or photo, please let us know in specific terms. Fill out our Web support form and provide details such as where you saw the link or what story or photo was missing. We'll do our best to correct the situation immediately.

How do I reach a particular reporter?

Contact information for a staff writer is often found at the bottom of the article. Or the byline is linked to his or her e-mail. If you can't find it there, try e-mailing him or her directly. Roanoke Times e-mail addresses are generally first name and last name of the person, as in lacy.overstreet@roanoke.com. Or get a full list of the news staff.

How do I submit an ad, a letter to the editor or contact the sports department?

You can contact any individual department of The Roanoke Times by choosing a category below. You'll be taken to pages, secure forms or e-mail addresses that direct you the people who can best help you.

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Where can I buy a copy?

The Roanoke Times is sold at more than 1,500 locations throughout Southwest Virginia. Check your neighborhood convenience or grocery store for today's Roanoke Times. The newspaper costs 50 cents Monday-Saturday and $1.50 on Sunday.

How do I sell The Roanoke Times at my store?

If you are interested in becoming one of our retail vendors, or would like to suggest a location for a newsstand, please e-mail us or call (540) 981-3167; toll free (800) 346-1234, ext. 167.

If you would like to report a problem with a vending machine, or if you have experienced a problem with a newsstand paper, please e-mail us or call (540) 981-3308; toll free (800) 346-1234, ext. 308.