Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sports columnist Aaron McFarling: Rivals here? It's no longer that clear; VT-UVa game in poetry

BLACKSBURG -- Somehow, after last year's postgame performance by Al Groh, a recap of the Virginia Tech-Virginia matchup just wouldn't seem right without a little poetry.

Or at least an attempt.

So plug Walt Whitman's ears; here come some stanzas on perhaps the most predictable outcome of the year: the Hokies' 37-7 victory at Lane Stadium.

They showed up on schedule

Saturday, noon,

One team was streaking

The other? Full swoon

Every statistical break-

Down would say

This game favored Tech,

And not UVa

Yet still they must play it

Proceed with the show

For after James Maddy

You simply don't know

So up went the kickoff

To spark all the fun

And down went J. Hosley

(Nice 50-yard run)

"The rout's on," we all said

And we would be right

But a touchdown explosion?

Not really; not quite

One scoreless quarter

Went by in a flash

Could it be? Just this once?

A competitive clash?

Nah, just a tease

A Mojave mirage

The Hoos would get smoked

Just like Paalen's fumage

Tech swiped the momentum

'Twas predictably quick

The Hokies got going

On Verica's pick

When Williams ran in

From five yards away

"That's it," we all said

"Same old UVa"

But these Hoos were worse

Sloppier still

The Hokies gained yardage and

First downs at will

And every time UVa

Had bits of hope

Flags flew or Tech's defense

Stopped them, said "Nope!"

Tyrod went out with

Another fine day

Tech's new passing leader?

Yep, so they say

With win 239

Frank was so good he

Moved past a legend, a

Buckeye named Woody

As for London, well,

By now you should know

He wasn't so fortunate

Looked much like Groh

At this point he's left to

Plead toward the heavens,

"Where can I get me

A Tyrod, an Evans?

Or even a Wilson

Third string? That guy's sick!

Or how 'bout a Hazley?

Have you seen that man kick?"

Alas, as it's been like this

A while now -- too long

UVa lousy

Virginia Tech strong

Despite early losses

Regrettable sins

The Hokies have grabbed

Ten consecutive wins

"So far," said Beamer

"It's been quite a year"

But as he well knows

It cannot end here

It's onward to Charlotte

A title's at stake

More rings to capture

More mem'ries to make

You just have to wonder, though

Has it come the day

Where it doesn't excite them

To whip UVa?

As this game dragged on

Another Tech flogging

It got to a point where I

Even stopped blogging

Who's reading this stuff?

Nobody, I bet

It's nothing that these folks

Haven't seen yet.

Where is the juice here?

The sizzle? The crackle?

And who taught these Wahoos

How NOT to tackle?

One question lingers

Just hangs in the air

It's not nice to ask it

But still it seems fair

Can we honestly call this

A rivalry game

When the yearly results

Are always the same?

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