Friday, April 27, 2007

Corner Shot: Tech community is generous in its grief

About halfway around the semicircle of memorials on the Virginia Tech Drillfield on Monday, my daughter and I came to the one for Seung-Hui Cho, the man who shot and killed 32 people, wounded numerous others and then killed himself last week.

Like the others, its flowers were wilted. Unlike the others, there were no sad letters from friends.

A handwritten note to the shooter mentioned his mental state and expressed forgiveness.

By the time we came up on it, my daughter and I had viewed the floral arrangements in the War Memorial Chapel and read the inscriptions and letters at other memorials on the field.

Our hearts were heavy, and we were quiet.

Cho's memorial came as a shock.

But a good shock, we agreed. Somebody has to step up and do any hard thing before others will follow.

The generous inclusion of the killer undoubtedly will stir the first small feelings of compassion in some of us who have not quite reached that point.

— Joe Kennedy

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